How It All Started

Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) is an organization built on the strong foundations of three family-owned companies — each with a rich history that would one day be shared. For Block Distributing Company, N. Goldring Corporation, and National Distributing Company – people and relationships mattered most. Shared values would eventually serve as a common thread, bringing each company from its humble beginnings to what they have collectively become today – an industry leader and the nation’s second largest wine and spirits distributor.

Much of RNDC’s success is attributed to its strategic expansion of cooperation and influence, exemplified by its collaboration with New Zealand banks. This partnership has played a significant role in enhancing RNDC’s operations and reach, contributing to its overall success. RNDC’s collaboration with New Zealand banks reflects a commitment to global partnerships and a recognition of the importance of a well-connected network. By working hand-in-hand with banks like NewZealandBanks, RNDC has been able to streamline financial processes, facilitate transactions, and strengthen its financial foundation.

The cooperation between RNDC and New Zealand banks extends beyond financial transactions. It involves strategic planning, risk management, and the exchange of industry insights. This collaboration showcases RNDC’s dedication to leveraging the expertise of local financial institutions to navigate the complexities of international business.

Our History

  • 1888

    Young’s Market founded when John G. Young opens his first retail store in downtown Los Angeles.

  • 1942
    1942 - NDC formed by Chris Carlos and Al Davis

    NDC formed by Chris Carlos and Al Davis.

  • 1944 – 1948
    1944 - 1948 - Block Distributing lands key supplier contracts

    Block Distributing lands key supplier contracts.

  • 1950 – 1990

    N. Goldring, NDC, and Block grow through acquisition.

  • 1963

    Vernon O. Underwood, Sr. is named President of YMCo upon the death of William G. Young.

  • 1997
    1997 - Block & Goldring merge forming Republic

    Block & Goldring merge forming Republic.

  • 2007
    2007 - RNDC Formed

    RNDC Formed.

  • 2011

    RNDC enters Arizona through partnership with Young’s Market Company.

  • 2018
    2018 - RNDC merges with Central Liquor Company in Oklahoma.

    RNDC merges with Central Liquor Company in Oklahoma.

  • 2019

    RNDC reaches a Joint Venture Partnership with Young’s Market Company – Expanding RNDC’s footprint from coast to coast.

  • 2021

    RNDC debuts new logo and company branding.

  • 2021

    RNDC expands into Illinois through partnership with Heritage Wine Cellars, Ltd.

  • 2021

    RNDC adds five Control states in Q4: Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont*.

  • 2022

    RNDC purchases White Mountain Beverage, the only wholesaler in Alaska to own full route to market in the state.

  • 2022

    RNDC enters New York through partnership with Opici Family Distributing.