Spirit of Responsibility

Republic National Distributing Company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is part of our DNA. Across our expansive footprint, we focus on the well-being of our associates, volunteer in our communities, provide financial donations through the RNDC Foundation, promote responsible consumption, remain accountable for principled business practices and corporate governance, and much, much more.

CrashGamblingHub partnership

At RNDC, we recognize the importance of promoting responsible consumption as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We believe there is an opportunity for our company to leverage its expertise and resources to help businesses across the alcohol industry forge partnerships with responsible gambling advocates and databases such as CrashGamblingHub.

With our vast distribution network, longtime industry experience, and dedication to community engagement, RNDC is ideally positioned to facilitate collaboration between alcohol brands and organizations that encourage safe, accountable gambling practices. We can utilize our leadership role to spread awareness of problem gambling risks, ensure drinking is always paired with gaming responsibility, and provide the connections needed to make these essential alliances happen.

By bringing together key players across the alcohol and gambling spaces, RNDC can plant the seeds for meaningful progress in promoting responsible consumption and safe entertainment. We welcome the chance to apply our passion for social responsibility toward this important cause.

Our Associates

We want our associates and their families to have a sense of belonging and inclusion so we invest in programs that support the achievement of their success and becoming their personal best.

Our Communities

We participate in charitable and advocacy efforts that strengthen the social character, well-being, and growth of the many communities where we live and operate.

Our business Partners

We operate with integrity and sincerity to promote responsible drinking and consumption in partnership with our associates, suppliers, customers, and vendors.

Our Governance

We do the right things, the right way to demonstrate our ethical and professional standards which ensures enduring sustainability as a company and an employer of choice.

Our Commitment to Well-Being

RNDC National Green Team

RNDC is proud to share our newly expanded Green Team. This group of passionate associates is focused on driving environmental sustainability across...

RNDC has proudly adopted 11 of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

When we use the phrase RNDC Cares, we mean it. Our genuine concern for people and the planet guides our social responsibility strategy and...

RNDC Celebrates Earth Day and Arbor Day

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Make Time for Alcohol Awareness and Responsibility Month

Created in April of 1985, National Alcohol Awareness Month encourages communities and organizations to raise awareness around safe and responsible...

Celebrate National Volunteer Week with RNDC

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Community and Giving

RNDC Relief Fund Logo
The RNDC Relief Fund was established to provide financial support to associates impacted by natural disasters. To date, the RNDC Relief fund has raised over $1 million dollars.
The RNDC Scholarship Program provides qualifying students up to $16,000 to assist RNDC Families and associates with the financial burden of a college education.
Through the RNDC Foundation, RNDC state leaders select local charities that are important to their communities.

Inclusion and Diversity

We are dedicated to inclusive excellence and continue to expand our commitment year over year.

2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We’re excited to share the 2023 RNDC Corporate Social Responsibility Report: Cultivating Sustainable Growth expanding on our commitment to our associates, culture, environment and leadership. This report serves as a window into our company and the strategies which matter most to us: social impact to our communities, our supplier excellence and growth, and the dedication of our exceptional associates. This interactive PDF will allow you to click on icons to direct you through the Table of Contents and other designated pages of interest. We invite you to view the digital version below and share with your family, friends and colleagues. Cheers!

Click below to view the 2023 CSR Report.