Created in April of 1985, National Alcohol Awareness Month encourages communities and organizations to raise awareness around safe and responsible alcohol consumption. Instead of advocating against the sale of alcohol, the month centers on preventing drunk driving and underage alcohol consumption, supporting addiction recovery and empowering consumers, professionals and bystanders with the opportunity to elevate their #Responsibility. 

During this month, RNDC will share recipes for low-alcohol or no-alcohol drinks you can mix up at home! We encourage you to #Make Time for Alcohol Awareness and Responsibility.  

Interested in learning more about Alcohol Awareness Month or organizations that are dedicated to promoting responsibility and wellness in the industry? Below we’ve provided links to useful tools and information to help you increase your awareness. partners with adult beverage industry members to promote and create resources focused on responsible alcohol consumption. Check out their “Are You a Responsible Drinker?” quiz or view their BAC calculator