March 4, 2024 – Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), one of the top beverage alcohol distributors in the nation, raises a glass to Women’s History Month as it launches the second annual “Powered by Women” campaign honoring female pioneers in the wine and spirits industry. RNDC partners with suppliers to support Women of the Vine & Spirits (WOTVS) Foundation with scholarship contributions for rising females in the food, wine, spirits, beer and hospitality industries through education, leadership and professional development.

“Our ‘Powered by Women’ campaign represents our dedicated focus of investing in, uplifting and amplifying strong female voices within this space,” said Jenn Engel, RNDC’s Chief Customer and Commercial Officer. “I’m so proud to help lead this campaign on behalf of our company and look forward to seeing and working with more female-led brand and industry leaders in the future.” 

RNDC has designed internal programs to promote gender diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Its Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) provides professional development and networking opportunities to support career advancement for female leaders. 

As an organization committed to fostering the next generation of women leaders in beer, wine and spirits, Women of the Vine & Spirits is honored to be part of RNDC’s Powered by Women Campaign in celebration of Women’s History Month,” said Deborah Brenner, Founder & CEO, Women of the Vine & Spirits and Diverse Powered Brands, President, Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation. “Thank you to RNDC and the participating suppliers for supporting the Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation. The campaign will have a direct impact on the number of scholarships our Foundation can award this year in support of women’s education and professional development in the beverage alcohol and hospitality industries. 

RNDC also recently published the 2023 RNDC Corporate Social Responsibility Report: Cultivating Sustainable Growth expanding on our commitment to elevate our associates, culture, environment, and leadership. This report tells the story of RNDC and our commitment to aiding the next generation of women leaders to grow and thrive. 



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As a top beverage alcohol distributor in the nation, RNDC’s national reach helps suppliers by building strategic relationships with on- and off-premise customers to elevate their brands and reach their target consumers. RNDC currently operates in the District of Columbia and 39 states across the United States. To learn more, visit or contact Kanchan Kinkade, Vice President, Corporate Communications at