As we began Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, the Inclusion & Diversity team hosted the latest Spirit to Speak conversation to discuss racism and how it impacts our company culture and colleagues. Nearly 60 associates from around the company participated in the event that was centered on anti-Asian hate, discrimination and violence. Associates shared stories and insights that helped all participants to better understand the challenges they face at work and out in the community. Several allies also chimed in, expressing their sadness that stereotyping and hate continue to fuel so many. Despite short pockets of silence on the call, 100% of post survey participants indicate their desire to join future Spirit to Speak conversations. Several people stressed the importance of getting to know one another and building relationships with people outside their normal circle.

At the end, our President and CEO Tom Cole closed the meeting by thanking everyone who had shared and listened. He reaffirmed his personal commitment to anti-racism and an inclusive company culture where all associates can succeed. Based on our survey results, the event was rated 4.4/5 stars. Most importantly, 100% of the participants would recommend the Spirit to Speak series to their colleagues.

As part of June’s Pride Month, our next Spirit to Speak will be centered on the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, based on survey feedback, we will also provide information about the strategic actions that RNDC is taking to drive greater diversity, equity and inclusion. Be on the lookout for details soon! 

Here are some comments about the Spirit to Speak session:

“Thank You, as someone who cannot grasp the depth of how racism affects my colleagues of all colors and races, this is extremely helpful for me to be better every day to rid our society of this disgusting evil.”

“Please keep having these discussions!!!  We have so much to learn about each other, and clearly a nerve is struck in every discussion where emotion and pain is fortified with perspective and understanding.  That is what makes these conversations so important, especially with turning that energy into advocacy.  Thank you!” 

“These calls are heartfelt and need to continue to happen. Thank you for your hard work around this ongoing cause!” 

“Great job!  This means so much to so many!  The more we speak about this the more we realize we are more alike than we are different!”