At RNDC, we understand the success as an industry leader is driven by the outstanding work of our talented associates.

As one of the nation’s leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors, RNDC offers a vibrant culture for women who desire a career that makes them feel accomplished, challenged, and engaged. Through talent programs like the RNDC’s Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF), we are proud to showcase our long-standing diversity commitment to women by providing exceptional professional development and networking opportunities to support their continued career advancement.

The WLF program was developed and sponsored by Lorraine Luke, Executive Vice President, Human Resources. She states, “When we launched this accelerated professional development program in 2012, we were the first in our industry to provide a dedicated learning experience for diversity with female leaders. Our WLF program has been used as a model for similar industry programs launched by WSWA, WOTVS, and competitors. With over 400 women involved at the state and national level, we remain committed to the success of women in the beverage alcohol industry.”

We are excited to spotlight members of our WLF to recognize the great work being done by these female leaders.