Inclusion in the workplace has been a long-standing goal for many organizations. Here at RNDC, we are striving to create an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the business, feels equally involved, valued and supported. Cultivating a true sense of belonging for our associates drives increased positive performance and creates collaborative teams that are innovative and engaged.

Our Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are inclusive – welcomes anyone to join, not just the primary demographic. In fact, the most successful ARGs are a diverse cross-section of unique associates forged together to recognize differences while celebrating their commonalities.

All the ARGs focus on the Four C’s of Influence: Career, Commerce, Community and Culture. We continually work to strengthen our inclusive culture, elevate the overall workplace experience for each associate and deepen the impact we have in our communities and with our business partners.

Here are our current ARGs:

Athena (Centered on Women’s Empowerment community)

Aware (Centered on visible & non-visible disabilities community)

Pacific (Centered on Asian American and Pacific Islander community)

Parents+ (Centered on Parents and Caregivers)

Rainbow (Centered on LGBTQ+ community)

Soul (Centered on Black American community)

Valor (Centered on Military community)

Vida (Centered on Hispanic/Latinx community)

Please send any questions, or to request more information to the email address of the ARG of interest.