Black Leadership Advisory Council logo on white and black streaked background

As part of the Racial Equality Plan outlined by CEO & President Tom Cole, RNDC and Young’s have formed an advisory council geared at moving the needle towards an anti-racist world. 

BLAC firmly supports our Black associates and communities, while challenging larger societal issues that plague our country.

BLAC works in concert with the Inclusion & Diversity team to develop strategic interventions to help attract the best Black talent and to engage, develop, and retain our existing Black associates.

BLAC champions inclusion for all people of color by advocating for anti-racist practices that result in fair and equitable consideration and treatment for all associates & partners.

We are excited to continue our journey to Root Out Racism and invite you to do your part to help us build a culture that values inclusion and honors diversity.  

James Arnold Headshot with BLAC logo
Toddricka Matthew Headshot with BLAC logo
Sarah Bryant headshot with BLAC logo
James Arnold
Toddricka Matthews
Sarah Bryant
Christopher Carroll Headshot with BLAC logo
Mike Acie headshot with BLAC logo
Sharena Denard headshot with BLAC logo

Chris Carroll

Mike Acie

Sharena Denard

Gyasi Akem headshot with BLAC logo
Michael Thomas headshot with BLAC logo
Keith Thompson headshot with BLAC logo

Gyasi Akem

Michael Thomas

Keith Thompson

Yolanda Dixon headshot with BLAC logo

Yolanda Dixon

Kevin Asato